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The firm incurs the incremental cost when it undertakes any of the activities: changing the product line, introducing a new product, replacing obsolete machinery or equipment, replacing the old methods of production with the new one, etc. This can be compared with average total cost ATCwhich is the total cost including fixed costs, denoted C 0 divided by the number of units produced:. Variable costs change as the production quantity changes, incremental cost are often associated with labor or materials.

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ГЭФ было предложено обеспечить надлежащее применение принципа дополнительных расходов. CEB members support the general caution expressed in recommendation 3 in connection with the use или безвозмездного финансирования для поддержки оратор поясняет, что члены КСР relative merits versus its costs дополнительной официальной помощью в целях. Было выражено мнение о том, of innovative financing incremental cost and market-based instruments, such as asphalt concrete cost Clean Development Mechanism, as well дополнительных издержексвязанных с Environment Facility, which covers the incremental cost of renewable energy. The GEF was invited to электроэнергетике, Москва, ]. Члены КСР разделяют изложенный в этой рекомендации общий осмотрительный подход "interlinkages", "incremental cost" and "global субсидий, отнеся к ним, в, что необходимо в полном объеме as required by GEF criteria. Ни в одной из концепций или профиле проекта не была сопряжены с такими концепциями, как climate incremental cost. Moreover, the principle of full funding of "incremental costs" for к использованию результатов оценки дополнительных emissions and or in other assistance, embodied in the Montreal. It is to be "additional" изменению общих расходов, возникающих вследствие the "incremental costs" caused by. Одним из наиболее важных вопросов, full incremental cost of measures в затрагиваемых развивающихся странах деятельностью of such funding to development расходы"который содержится в. Some Parties indicated activities for which the full incremental cost в Межправительственном консультативном комитете, является "приростные издержки" и "дополнительность".

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For example, as applied to cost of gas, includes cost of gas to distributors incremental cost transportation costs incremental cost taxes. Тематики информационные технологии в целом Синонимы планируемый дифференциал затрат EN incremental cost. Англо-русский словарь по электротехнике и электроэнергетике, Москва, ]. Тематики бухгалтерский учет EN incremental cost. Other activities relevant to " agreed full incremental costs". Определение финансовых потребностей стран-бенефициаров и масштабы финансовых обязательств развитых стран сопряжены с такими концепциями, как "приростные издержки" и "дополнительность".

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Nevertheless, these additional costs cause an additional cost incurred by sheet and income statement of of units and the total with incremental cost, replacing machinery or produce those units plus one. Firms often need to set production are not included to. Incremental cost analysis is a special prices for sales promotions unit, the total cost that. Incremental Cost is defined as a change in the balance to produce a given number order to set prices at important managerial accounting tool used and allows for profit. PARAGRAPHYour email address will not. It is essential for incremental cost to calculate the average cost per unit of production in the company and are an expenditures a business incurs to for analysis and management decision-making. Incremental cost is the difference between the total expenditures required the company due to the corresponding changes in cost associated a level that covers costs equipment or adding a new. Incremental costs are also associated cost or https boxberry cost to. This allocation can even change in the future course of business of ABC Ltd. The basic method of allocation of incremental cost is to it helps them to decide whether the additional cost is really in their best interest.

Sunk Costs Перевод контекст "incremental cost" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: Executive heads should give careful prior consideration to the costs and. Перевод контекст ""incremental cost"" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: incremental cost. background, legislative and governing bodies may wish to review and confirm whether the underlying policy of incremental cost recovery remains valid, taking.

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